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I (Erika) am a cat person.  I was raised around cats and quite a few of them.  I used to dress my cats up in doll clothes and parade them around like fashion models.  Needless to say, they probably hated me!  Haha!  I never ever wanted a dog…they bark, they jump on you, they have to be walked, they lick you…YUCK!

Then I met Thomas, a dog person through and through.  Soon after we started dating he wanted to get a pet…more specifically, a dog.  I wasn’t terribly keen on the idea at all.  I could just picture this slobbering, flee-infested, chewing-everything-in-sight mongrel taking over the house.  No thank you!!  Against my better judgement, I caved and went puppy shopping with Thomas.  We bought the very first puppy we held…a little black lab, Kyle.  Those big floppy paws & ears, that cold, wet nose, and those sweet, brown eyes…it was all over in an instant…I was in LOVE.  Flash forward to today, we’ve had 4 beautiful puppies who’ve grown into loyal, fun-loving, quirky members of our family.  The other day Thomas asked me, “Did I turn you into a ‘dog person’?”  Well, while I still have a soft spot in my heart for cats, I would have to reply YES.  I AM A DOG PERSON.

We often have couples ask us if they should bring their pets to the engagement session.  I always love to include pets in the e-session…of course, not every single picture, but definitely a few shots.  They are going to be a member of your new family, so why not?!    We looooove meeting each and every furry friend!

The other day Jaime and Craig brought their 3-month old jack russell terrier named Russell for their engagement session.  (In case you’re wondering, he loves to give “puppy kisses”…:D)  His energy and excitement was just the perfect way to start out the day!  Enjoy one of my favorite shots with Russell from their session…notice the cute, little puppy tongue sticking out!  He’s too CUTE for words!!!


George Bush Library Engagement_002