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As 2011 came to a close and we were in the midst of working on our December Weddings, Christmas orders, and our own Christmas with our families, Anthony gave us a shout and let us know that he wanted to propose to his longtime girlfriend and wanted us to capture it.  Now it’s not everyday that we get to shoot the actual proposal, and lemme tell you, it’s so AWESOME for us!  We always want to get the emotional moments that help us tell a story, and this is no exception.  For the most part, when guys purchase THE ring, it burns a hole in their pocket, they get antsy and wonder if the girl’s going to figure it out, and they’re worried if the moment is going to be perfect and whether or not if she’s going to say “YES” or “Lemme think about it / I don’t know”, no matter how long they’ve been together.  So, to search high and low for a professional photographer, is not on the top of the guy’s priority list.  Not because the moment is important to them, but because he is genuinely nervous and doesn’t want to screw anything up.  Guys, here’s a hint:  She’s going to want to remember the moment you asked for her hand in marriage.

Anthony thought about that detail beforehand and we even walked the proposal site, so I could tell him the placement for his vision of how the proposal would go.  You can imagine how hard it was to get away from his girlfriend over Christmas vacation and put all this together.  It was one of the sweetest proposals we’ve had a chance to capture.  We LOVE hearing the proposal stories, and it’s much more special for us to be a part of the story. So on a weekday afternoon, Juhee and Anthony came out to Royalty Pecan Farms for a picnic.  This isn’t really out of the ordinary for them since they enjoy the outdoors and go out for picnics every now and then.  Anthony pulled out his guitar after the food had been pillaged and played a song that he wrote for her.  Juhee, being an avid photo hobbyist, took a few pictures of him playing and the picnic itself.  Then they took a walk down a row of Pecans to take in the view and nature.  Just as the passed the third or fourth tree, Anthony pulled out a bouquet of flowers and a basket with dessert which held the ring.  He got down on one knee and asked the big question… And she said “YES!”  Thrilled with excitement, he picked her up and spun her around, gave her a hug, and walked over to a waiting chair where he washed her feet as a sign of marital servitude and too always take care of his wife better than himself.  He then introduced me and we captured a few formal photos before the family showed up to congratulate them both.  I then, took my leave of them, as they beamed with pride and love for each other.  Best wishes and congrats to you both!