Raylynne and Justin came to us wanting to capture the two things they love almost as much as each other.  The great outdoors and date night at the movies.  We started out at Old Baylor Park in Independence and captured the rustic feel they were going for.  They were totally laid back and super fun people to just hang out with.  Raylynne couldn’t stop talking about all the unique details they’re planning on for their wedding next year.  We’re totally salivating at some of the inside information we have, but what we can let you guys in on, is think “Red Carpet.”  So, after talking about some of our favorite movies and quoting random one-liners (not much different from my daily vernacular), we headed to Aggieland Cinemark in College Station to catch a few shots in the theatre, complete with cameras, Icee’s and popcorn in hand.  I’m no movie critic, but I’d have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy team up in “Tower Heist.”  Before we parted ways, we had to catch a shot of the marquee.  Totally necessary.  Enjoy a few of our favorites from the session!