It’s so nice to meet other animal lovers like Laura and Robert!  For a while, they had us beat in animal population with their 4 dogs, until we got our mischievous duo last weekend.  We’ll save that for another blog post, though.  Back to Laura and Robert!  Our session started out in their beautiful neighborhood in Sugarland, with its parks, tree-lined pathways, and it’s awesome water fountain!  We then headed to Oyster Creek park, where Robert wanted to originally propose, but it was overrun with a lot of families.  Trust us, we feel your pain.  Our deft defying juggle of lighting equipment and hiding people in our backgrounds was quite the challenge, but I think that we managed pretty well considering the circumstances.  Speaking of backgrounds, man did we have a great time at this park!  There were just so many options that we ran out of light trying to fit them all in.  When we all finally had enough, we headed back to their house for a “family” picture.  Some were eager, others down right rebellious, and then there was the narcoleptic dog that fell asleep with a toy in its mouth.  We’re totally looking forward to Laura and Robert’s wedding this weekend!  In the meantime, enjoy a few of our favorites from their session and be sure to leave a congratulatory comment for the newlyweds.