Jenna and Robby are one awesome couple and boy do they know how to throw down a party!  Their wedding began at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Wharton, TX.  The church was A- Mazing!  Beautiful stained glass throughout and the sunlight pouring through them added to the ambiance.  After an emotional walk down the aisle with her father, the wedding vows were sealed with a passionate kiss from Robby and then it was time for the celebration.  Jenna’s florist (a family friend) did a fantastic job with all of her flowers, especially the centerpieces.  Guests were given a centerpiece as a parting gift, and I have to say from experience, that they lasted for well over two weeks.  The cakes were gorgeous!  Jenna’s in traditional white with their initials and flowers to match her bouquet, and Robby’s was an outdoorsman vision of what a cake should look like.  The taste was even better.  After a night of non stop dancing and commiserating with friends and family members, not seen in almost a decade, the couple left amidst a shower of sparklers, hugs, kisses and handshakes.  Enjoy a few of our favorite images that tell the story of their wedding day, and congratulations Jenna & Robby!