Well, Part II is finally here and what a gorgeous and unique venue to show off!  Antique furniture and games littered the hallway of the restaurant and yes, if you remember from their sneak peek, there was a swing over the bar.  This place certainly captures the feeling of old frontier San Fransisco.

Servers passed hors d’oeuvres, guests mingled and danced, and the bride and groom were stage center of their wedding story.  We loved the reception ballroom at the Old San Fransisco Steakhouse, in San Antonio, with all of it’s open windows, not to mention landscaping outside that cut us off from the rest of the world made us feel like we were in a different geographic location altogether.  The cookie bar brought us back to reality, with just about every cookie imaginable, and it was very excruciating not being able to grab the chocolate chip cookies.

After the festivities of the wedding day, Sandy and Ryan left their guests amidst a cloud of bubbles and smiles…  Congratulations Sandy & Ryan!!  It was such a pleasure working with you both.

Enjoy some more of our favorite images from their wedding day!