Catching up on all the weddings from the summer has been one of our biggest challenges we’ve been facing.  Here’s a wedding we captured earlier this year at the Greenbranch in Bryan, TX.  Elizabeth and Tyler were such a laid back and fun couple to work with, as are most of our brides and grooms.  Aside from this couple’s getaway car being a vintage Ford Thunderbird (GORGEOUS!!), another unique attribute was that a family friend from New York provided the catering and did a bang up job.  Both in presentation and taste!  Yes, it was as delicious as it looked.  Their signature drink was a heavenly mixture of champagne, a blackberry, and a blue liquor.  I can only imagine that it was like everything else, that is, it tasted as good as it looked because it smelled divine.  The groom’s aunt wasn’t short of talent when she sculpted the masterpieces that were the Bride and the Groom’s cakes.  OH, and if you know anything about Elizabeth and Tyler, then you know that they can cut a rug, and they did their entire reception.  To say this was a family affair, is an understatement.  We had a great time working with Elizabeth and Tyler, so enjoy some of the highlights of the day.  Congrats you two!