The final chapter in Crystal & Matt’s wedding begins with the swank celebration at the most prestigious country club’s in Bryan.  The staff had everything done with class, including white gloved plate delivery, and the food was divine!  The bride’s cake was a towering 5 layers, topped with a crystal “S” and flowers galore, and it’s aroma tickled my nose from 5 feet away.  The groom’s cake was a bit smaller but no less impressive and was topped with their initials and a faint smell of cocoa.  The lighting for the venue (provided by the DJ and the country club) was top notch and added to the romantic ambiance of the day.  The bride’s colors and decorations even flowed to the balcony overlooking the lush golf course where an outdoor sitting area let her guests take in the fresh air and afternoon sun.

Crystal and Matt danced a beautiful waltz for their first dance as husband and wife, before taking in dinner and a slideshow of their pictures growing up and their time dating.  Guests filtered by slowly to give their congratulations before the toasts and the cake cutting and the traditional dances.  Quickly after these formalities, the dance floor opened to the rest of the guests, and the celebration kicked into high gear.  Lights were flashing, props were flying, and laughter consumed the guests as they discovered the joy of the photobooth.  We then borrowed the bride and groom for a quick one on one and to give them a moment alone… with our cameras of course.

Their partying resumed with line dances and dance offs to the top 40 of yesterday and today before everything closed with Crystal and Matt’s final dance of the night.  Their guests lined the entrance waving handmade keepsakes with the words “love” written on a cotton swatch with a silk ribbon and the tinging of tiny bells.  Whistles, shouts, high fives, and final congratulations sent them on their way to the beginning of their lives together.  Oh and Hawaii.  Did we mention they went to Maui for their honeymoon?  Ahh, memories.  Congratulations Crystal and Matt!