Part two of Crystal and Matt’s wedding starts with the bride and groom preparing for the day’s festivities.  Matt’s father had to have been a chef in another life.  Watching him whip up a breakfast large enough to feed a small army was jaw dropping.  I had a really hard time keeping my paws off the food, and I’m sure you’ll leave fingerprints on your monitor.  Crystal had a light breakfast at the country club’s salon with all of her important ladies by her side.  The the room swirled with the busyness of bridesmaids walking in and out and the laughter echoing down the hall.  The girls exchanged stories of the bride and their adolescent escapades from their youth.  The bridal entourage met at Christ United Methodist for the final touches and a few quick poses for the camera.  Just as fast as the day had begun, the ceremony sprang to a start.  The groomsmen silently followed the pastor to the altar and then the bridesmaids began to filter down one by one.  The flower girl delicately spread the flowers down the aisle as the ring-bearer looked for confirmation that he was headed in the right direction.  As the doors flung open, Matt smiled at his bride walking through the doorway to meet her father so he could give her away.  The pastor’s words of wisdom sunk in with the bride and groom as they lit their unity candle and shared their first kiss as man and wife.  Then it was on to the celebration.  To be continued….