There’s so much to show from Crystal and Matt’s wedding, that we had to break it up a bit.  This gorgeous couple was so great to work with from the very beginning, and we were excited that their wedding weekend had arrived!  Today, we decided to start with the rehearsal at Christ United Methodist and the rehearsal dinner.  Crystal took care in orchestrating the way she wanted the ceremony flow, like a maestro.  Watching every little detail while taking in the big picture.  When everything was finally in place, the families and the wedding party left for dinner at a great local venue, Christopher’s World Grille.  To say the food was amazing, is certainly an understatement.  Wine flowed, appetizers circled the room, and sound of laughter and conversation reverberated down the hall.  Toasts to the bride and groom centered on sage advice on marriage, and observation of their love and devotion to each other.  Dinner swarmed with the aroma of pasta, italian sausage and homemade marinara sauce.  The evening was topped off with dessert trays and slices of tiramisu.  I have to say, that tiramisu was bordering on becoming an addictive substance that needed to be regulated by the FDA.  Next to come is their wedding day in Part II.  Come back and check it out!