Cathi and Austin had a wonderful wedding that was encompassed in family, friends and traditions.  This Aggie couple began their wedding day getting ready at Grace Bible Church, where they had their ceremony.  The church was still, except for the sounds of laughter and conversation at opposite ends of the halls.  As with most weddings, there are always a few hiccups to keep the wedding party on their toes.  Missing dress socks, tuxedo jackets too short, and then there’s usually the one groomsman in the corner using the mobile google app to search on how to properly fold the handkerchief.  All crisis were averted immediately before the ceremony and when the doors opened to reveal the bride and her father walking down the aisle, it’s obvious that there’s nothing else in the world in the couple’s eyes, except for each other. Cathi and Austin were no exception to this rule and as the pastor began the ceremony, a few quick glances and a flash of smiles from the couple and they were already speaking their own language.  As the ceremony came to a close, Austin dipped Cathi and kissed her and the pastor announced them as husband and wife.

On to their reception at the Brazos Cotton Exchange in downtown Bryan, the details were exquisitely prepared for their guests to peruse over during cocktail hour.  The bridal cake was a towering structural piece of art and the sweet smell of the icing emanated from it, creating a heavenly cloud of sweet bliss.  The food was served and then it was time for the first dance. Cathi and Austin glided on the dance floor as any newlywed in love and they created a world that pulled the onlookers into, with a gravitational force that couldn’t be fought.  Nor would you want to.  I could see all of the married couples reminisce on their first dance at their wedding and then the party began.  In a flash of scenes from their toast to their cake cutting and the garter and bouquet tosses, there was little to no downtime.  The celebratory fury even caught some of the grandmother’s dancing together on the floor, in a symbolic union of two families coming together.  It came time for the last dance and exit, and one last time, the couple opened the door to their world, for their guests watch and infuse themselves in their marital bliss.  Congratulations Cathi and Austin!