The light dusting of snow on the ground this morning got me to thinking…  How cool would it be to be shooting an engagement session or bridal session right now!?  Being a Texan, as most of you probably are, (its a big state) I’m kind of averse to cold weather.  However, I thought I’d post some food for thought for those of you wondering what a good time of year is for scheduling your outdoor photo session.  I’m not saying that you have to stick to this guideline, but you ladies that have to shoot your bridal session in weather like this, are understatedly brave.
I’m going with the historic average, but keep in mind the weather is unpredictable and there may be exceptions.  In any case, let’s take a look at the current month of February.  With temperature averages ranging from 41 degrees on the low side to 69 degrees on the high, I rarely recommend scheduling an outdoor bridal session, unless you can stand the cold and/or it’s snowing like today.  Engagement sessions on the other hand, are okay in any precipitation, as long as you both don’t mind having to wear a heavy jacket in your photographs.  Sometimes it can bring out a sense of intimacy with a couple when the groom is holding his bride tight in the midst of Jack Frost.  Towards the end of February and going into March, the average temperature raises to a comfortable level for outdoor sessions.
The average for March ranges from 45 degrees on the low side to 79 degrees on the high.  March is typically a much better month for comfortable outdoor sessions.  Keep in mind that this is also the month that most schools have their spring break and when the bluebonnets start to climb out from the ground.  March tends to be the perfect ‘spring’ month for photographing outdoors.
Most of the fair weather continues through April (54º/82º) and May (61º/89º).  When May starts creeping upon us is when the days tend to be a little warmer, a little more humid, and a little less desirable.  In case you’re wondering ‘Why isn’t it desirable?’  Simply put, sweat doesn’t photograph very well and uncomfortable expressions can take over the session.  Also, because of the time and effort brides spend on their makeup and hair, in hot and muggy weather, makeup melts and sweats off, and hair falls with the humidity.  It only gets worse in June (69º/94º)…
In homage to this cold snap and our powdery white, flurried friends, I’ll leave you with some of our pictures of Texas A&M campus covered with snow last year.
*weather averages cited from for College Station, TX