To most, today is just another day.  It’s the second day of the second month of the year.  To me, its the third anniversary of the day that I married the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met, and my best friend.

I remember the day we said our vows as if it were yesterday.  My rag-tag team of groomsmen began the day at Freebirds, planning our intense schedule

My best Man – “Okay what time do we need to be there?”
Me – “I don’t know, 5:45?
My best Man – “Doesn’t the wedding start at 6?”
Me – “Oh, yeah… 5:30?”

Needless to say, this is how most grooms plan their day.

About this time is when I get a phone call from Erika letting me know that she was feeling really horrible.  Apparently, all the planning and coordinating for months on end finally caught up to her and it was my turn to pinch hit.  Ummm… Okay.  A few of my groomsmen were my buddies from the Corps of Cadets, so I knew I could delegate some duties to them and my other groomsmen was a Ph.D. candidate, so I knew I could trust him with a few tasks.  Then there was my twenty year old brother.  Time to go get our tux’s.

After flurries of phone calls, coordinated efforts of families and friends, my groomsmen and I showed up at the church with fists full of flowers and handmade decorations.  After fumbling with the flower arrangements (yes, groomsmen arranging flowers, I hope you’re rolling on the floor with this), it was time to get dressed.  Oh, yeah, and the tux shop failed to put some black socks in the garment bag.  For two of us!  Athletic socks it is.

So, two of us with white socks in a black tuxedo, head out for Pre ceremony pictures.  My wife and I had decided to have all of our formal pictures taken before the ceremony, so that no one was waiting around afterwards and all of our guests and families could head over to the reception immediately.  This was the first time that day that I got to see my wife in her dress.  Amazing.

The ceremony was like the two of us in a bubble.  I only saw and heard her, then the kiss…  We were on our first journey as man and wife out into the world, through camera and sabre flashes.  The limo ride to the reception was one of anticipation, but mostly relief.  Everything was on auto pilot now and things couldn’t be better.

We arrived at our reception to a full room of guests cheering and applauding.  Erika, obviously feeling better, was awed by how all the details came together without her having to lift a finger.  The candy bar with shades of pink and red, centered around white washed wooden letters spelling out “Sweet”.  Interspersed throughout the reception areas were our engagement photos and her bridal portraits.  Everything felt perfect.

Our first dance to Rascal Flatts “Bless the Broken Road”, was another moment where it felt the world was revolving around the gravity of our love.  Toasts, tosses, dancing, and mingling made up the rest of the night.  A few mishaps rounded out a great wedding.  The highlight of the evening (I’m assuming for Erika), was when one of my groomsman with the athletic socks and myself, showed off our eclectic apparel (and our horrible dancing skills), to a Michael Jackson classic.  I highly doubt that portion of the video will ever surface.

We took leave of our reception through a line of our guests and into the limo, where we drove past all of our favorite spots at our alma mater.  We then arrived home at last and began packing for the second part of our journey as man and wife, to our honeymoon destination.  I’ll leave you with some of our favorite pictures from Maui…