So, another one of our resolutions for this year has been to put together an “about us” section to give prospective clients an insight into how we work and our artistic philosophy.  While our biographies are still in the works, here are a few of the key players in our studio who, all too often, are overlooked because they’re rarely ever seen.

First up is the director we fondly refer to as “Blip” or “Thot,” depending on the hour or day that we’re talking to him.  He prefers to stay in the shadows and hates us recognizing his presence in front of company.  His tireless devotion to keeping his devious stare warrants his place as the director.  In his spare time he likes to perch in high places to observe human movement and interaction for inspiration.  He often pines over his long lost Russian love, “The Meeshk,” (one of our former kitties) and uses that as a basis for dramatic and intensely passionate photographs.

Next is our high maintenance model (and sometimes our personal trainer), also known as “The Talent.”  We call her the “Itty Bitty” but don’t let that fool you…she has an overwhelming size and ego.  Sometimes we need her in front of the camera, so that we can put together some ideas on (digital) film to see if they would work or not.  She certainly knows how to strike a pose and is definitely not afraid of the camera.  She’s also a recent graduate from Thomas’s Bootcamp for Min Pin’s, and passed all her requirements with flying colors.  She will gladly sit, stand, bark, and even DANCE on command.

Last is our key grip and our ‘muscle’.  “Goose” is our rock we center around in hectic situations.  His calming presence brings the focus back to the project at hand.  His nickname comes from the phrase ‘goosfrabba’, and is certainly fitting for his steady personality.  He likes to take long walks and yearns for the day he finds true love.  A romantic at heart, he knows the perfect lighting to bring out all the elements of ‘the moment’ that truly describes each couple.

That wraps it up for our tongue-and-cheek review of the “Key Players” in our studio.  For more information on them, feel free to contact us to schedule a appointment.  Haha!