Erika affectionately refers to me as a “Gear Head” because I’m always researching the latest photographic products to see if there’s anything out there that we could use to compliment our style or even take our images to a whole new level.  Periodically, I’ll reach into my gear bag and post a review of what we carry to each session.

This inaugural post will be a review of the Lensbaby.  I came across this new lens at a workshop in Oregon and I thought it was a great piece to add to the gear bag.  One of the first things you will notice about the images that it takes, is that it’s like a photoshop action in your hands.  (Photoshop and Photoshop actions will be covered in a later post)  Simply put, it’s a porthole to a completely different world in terms of the way the world can be viewed.  
Another aspect that I love about the Lensbaby is that it has interchangeable lenses.  I can go from a tilt/shift type lens to a fisheye with approximately 160 degree view.  There are multiple combinations of lens types and effects that can be put together to create your own view of the world without spending hours post processing the images to make them look that way.

Being a manual focus lens, gives me a throwback to my first SLR I purchased in college.  I’m not trying to date myself, but I did have to develop film back then to see what turned out and what didn’t.  It certainly was an expensive habit.  (**Enter Erika – “Was?”**)

So, what does the Lensbaby actually do?  Take a look at the images below to see a comparison between a regular lens, the Lensbaby with the Double Glass optic, and the Lensbaby with a fisheye.

To see more of the Lensbaby and their full list of optics and accessories, visit their website.