So I had the opportunity to learn from Kevin Kubota at an exclusive
Digital “Bootcamp” he put on this month for a maximum of 20
attendees… Talk about timing! Immediately after working the
Association of Former Student’s soiree, The Next Tradition, I had to
take a 12 hr trip by plane and shuttle service to Five Pines Lodge in
Sisters, OR. The Bootcamp was a weeklong intensive workshop on
everything from workflow, image manipulation, to operating a smooth
running studio. Several of us had “boot to the head” syndrome by the
end of the week! ;0)

In addition to all the business information, we were introduced to a
unique game called the “Laying Down Game” with a prize for the best
laying down image. The game is exactly how it sounds, and boy did it
relieve some stress from the information overload. By the end of the
week, there was a slideshow that included pictures of the laying down
game from just about every attendee in very odd and hilarious places.
The runner up was Julie DelMissier from Seattle, WA. First place went
to two Texans, yours truly, and Connor Fuller from Fuller Photography
Studios out of Kirbyville, TX. To see the winning photo, add the
fanpage on facebook and post a question asking about the laying down
game on the wall. Take a look at some of the images below from the
creative exercises at bootcamp: